Whitetail Edge would not be possible without these amazing sponsors. Each and every sponsor here means so much to us, not only for their support to make Whitetail Edge happen but for the amazing products and services they provide to help us be successful in the field!

Mossy Oak

In 1986, Mossy Oak founder and CEO Toxey Haas had the vision to take a handful of Mississippi dirt, sticks and leaves and transform it into a brand new type of camouflage. Comprised entirely of natural earth elements and colors, the resulting design was unlike any pattern that had ever come before it, and gave hunters the power to obliterate their outline while effortlessly blending into the environment. Soon, our first industry-revolutionizing pattern, Mossy Oak Bottomland®, was born, and the distinguished Mossy Oak legacy had begun.

Black Widow Deer Lure

Black Widow is the only scent manufacturer that collects, and offers it's Whitetail deer scents and lures for hunting Whitetail deer in the Northern regions, and the Southern regions of the United states.  Why?   Because there is a difference! There is a difference in the subspecies resulting in slightly different composition of their urine and glandular secretions. Not to mention the old saying " you are what you eat".  Southern deer eat different vegetation then their Northern cousins, causing the urines and secretions to have a different smell.                                  

       100% PURE - Absolutely no preservatives.


In 1932, the Brooks brothers set up a shoe factory with lent equipment in Nelsonville, Ohio, making the rugged, comfortable military, outdoor, work and service boots that their customers depended on. And it is this heritage we honor as we look to the future. They are still headquartered in Nelsonville, Ohio; building the world’s most rugged, reliable boots and outdoor products for the rugged men and women who depend on us. This is our Heritage. This is Rocky.

Redneck Blinds

Redneck Hunting Blinds are built in Lamar, MO, by the dedicated staff of Redneck Outdoor Products, Inc. They manufacture a wide variety of products for the outdoor industry. Be assured that despite their unique name there is nothing Redneck about their products. They strive to provide high quality unique products that are designed for hunters by hunters.

HHA Sports

They have done it all through the years: releases, stabilizers, arrows rests, even targets. For more than a decade, our focus has been solely on building sights. From the beginning archer to the most seasoned tournament shooter and everyone in between, we’ve got a sight for you. Producing the BEST single pin adjustable sight in the world is all we do…and nobody does it better.



This is the battle cry that pushes us deeper into the woods. We aspire to be strong, hard-working, determined and limitless " and believe the right gear should do the same. When it comes to the hunt, the right gear is Tenzing.

We are relentless in our pursuit to build the most fine-tuned, versatile hunting packs and accessories available. Every Tenzing product is torture-tested in the field to outlast a lifetime of the most brutal hunts. We re-work, re-design and re-test until we exceed every metric.

Every hunt has the capacity to be epic, and there's a Tenzing pack to get you there. So push forward, hunters. Because this is your season to be legendary.

Rogue Bowstrings

Rogue Bowstrings exists as a family of employees that daily dig in deep to their unanswerable passion for the sport of archery.  rogue  /rōɡ/  may be defined as, - an elephant or other large wild animal is driven away or living apart from the herd and having savage or destructive tendencies.

In our case, we have gone ROGUE from the conventional string manufacturing. Our staff, each have gone ROGUE in their own way.  Fortunately, they have laid aside their destructive tendencies and daily aim their inner savage to pour their passion into their craft.  We produce the most engineered bowstrings in the industry. 

Our mindset in our manufacturing is that every set of strings and cables are being prepared for our professional shooters. Our mindset and quality production end users will all experience the same high-quality end loop serving, engineered stretch, and twist count. 

Cobra Archery
Cobra Archery has been a well-recognized name in the archery industry since 1974.  We purchased the company in July of 2017 and moved its operations from Oklahoma to Pennsylvania.  Cobra Archery now resides in the rural community of Newport, PA.  Archery is and has always been an integral part of our lives and our community.  We live the outdoor lifestyle enjoying hunting, fishing, camping and hiking.  
Starting from a very young age I studied mechanical design and motion.  I’ve always been intrigued by moving parts and how they function as one.  I’ve been a bowhunter and sportsman for more than 40 years.  Long before the purchase of Cobra Archery, I was shooting my own custom designed releases.  Each season of bowhunting has given me the knowledge and experience to understand what the archer requires in a quality piece of equipment.  This knowledge base is being used to design and manufacture the most pioneering and innovative releases in the industry.  Cobra Archery is fully committed to driving this family owned business to the pinnacle and exceed expectations.
Please know when you see a Cobra Archery release that it was designed by an archer for an archer using only the finest materials with efficient motion and strong construction.
We look forward to earning your business and trust.

Lightweight, compact, design makes Novix the ultimate mobile set up. It's no wonder die hard hunters use Novix treestand as a key to their success season after season.  MADE IN THE USA

Spartan Cameras
Founded in 2005 as HCO Outdoors, Spartan Camera is a hunting industry company that operates out of Johns Creek Georgia. Over the years we’ve produced high-quality outdoors products, but these days we focus on what we do best: creating powerful, industry-leading cellular scouting cameras.
Born and bred to meet the needs of outdoorsmen and women everywhere, Spartan Camera strives to provide the ultimate ease of access, durability, and powerful features for all its camera lines. When used for hunting or game management, our cameras are truly in their element.
Spartan cameras are ideal for monitoring the quality of game as well as their patterns without contaminating the area with scent. With our industry-leading cellular cameras, you can get photos and videos of what is happening in near real-time, sent directly to your smartphone or web portal. These camera settings can be changed directly from your smartphone via the app or web portal, eliminating the need to disturb the area just to change a setting.
With Spartan Camera, you DON’T have to be there.


Prime Archery


G5 is an American made company that makes Prime and also Quest bows alongside broadheads. Here at G5 we machine and manufacture almost all of our products in the USA. Made by hunters for hunters!


With the Stic-N-Pic Trail Camera Mounting System you’ll have the freedom to quickly decide exactly where your camera should go. Stop settling for ‚just good enough‚ and start capturing action like you’ve never seen before!

Whether your interest lies with whitetail hunting, birdwatching, wildlife monitoring, or even if you have a need to monitor property, the Stic-N-Pic Trail Camera Stand and Tree Mount will allow you to have 360-degree views of the landscape you’re looking to capture.

G5 Outdoors

G5’s growth has exploded in recent years. In 2006, we launched our line of Optix sights. Two years later, we introduced Expert Drop Away Rests. In 2009, G5 introduced Quest Archery to the archery world. Its mission was simple: to bring a bow built with the highest level of craftsmanship and quality the industry has seen for a good price. G5 celebrated its tenth year in 2010, and the T3 and Mag-Loc quivers joined the line up. That March, a provisional patent was filed for Parallel Cam Technology. G5’s Parallel Cam is a game-changing technology that creates a new standard for accuracy in compound bows. Several noted industry experts have stated that Parallel Cam technology has been the single biggest innovation to the archery industry in a decade. That October, Prime was introduced to the archery world.

OnX Hunt

The call of the wild is in all of us. It provokes exploration. It propels us to ridgelines, coastlines, high crags, deep crannies — those spaces and moments when our heart forges ahead because we can’t turn back. Because we have to know. Because we must experience it for ourselves. 

Whether you find yourself listening for bugles on a lonely hillside, choosing the longer trek at the fork in the trail, ripping through the desert at sunset in your SxS, or picking your ski line from the summit before the powder plunge — onX helps bring that adventure to life. Whether it’s your first step into the uncharted, or your annual backcountry trip, we unlock confidence in the unknown.

onX is home to a team of passionate explorers. We celebrate our adventures, but we don’t take them for granted. Our appreciation for wild places drives us to preserve access to the recreation that we cherish. As a company, we invest in land access initiatives to expand and protect open spaces. We believe that the more people who experience their own off-the-beaten-path awakening, the more likely they are to join us in protecting these spaces for the future.

onX products are built by adventurers, for adventurers. Our current suite of navigation apps includes onX Hunt, onX Offroad, and onX Backcountry. We believe that every adventurer needs to know where to go, to know where they stand, and to be able to share their experiences. 

Millers Gun Supply

Miller’s Gun & Supply is NE Ohio’s premier outdoor supplier. Firearms, hunting, trapping, archery, fishing, and more! We want to be your 1-stop shop. Miller’s has always been a locally owned and operated Amish family business. Stop in and see us for all your outdoor needs!

Deer Gro

Does this stuff really work? Is this product to good to be true? Believe us, we get it all the time. If you are in awe, in wonder, and questioning… ”does DeerGro really work?” then you are in the right place! Believers and nonbelievers alike come at us each and every day with these questions, however, after discussing or actually researching for themselves on the facts behind the soil, and our game changing products, they will discover that indeed PlotStart and PlotBoost work!


“Plan Your Best Hunt” by knowing the best days, times and locations for hunting, summer scouting or scheduling your out of state hunting trips months in advance! With a quick spin of the MoonGuide dial, you will know the peak activity times for each day and what specific locations you need to be hunting at these times! The MoonGuide also reveals the “Red Moon” days for this fall! These crucial dates could be your best chance for catching the biggest bucks moving during daylight!

Vortex Optics

Since 1986, we have been and remain an American-owned, veteran-owned, family-owned and operated business of hard-working folks headquartered next to our friendly neighbors in Barneveld, Wisconsin.

The Hamilton family—starting with Dan and Margie, and followed by their sons Joe, Dave, Sam, and Jimmy—founded Vortex® to change how business is done by putting customers at the center of everything we do. From tagging your first whitetail, to hitting the range with your friends, to using the right optic to get closer to the outdoors and your family, our team thrives on serving you, and on your success.

Now over 300 American team members strong, we work diligently to give you the best optics, apparel, and service in any industry, all delivered with our legendary VIP Warranty: Our unlimited, lifetime promise that if you ever have a problem, we have your back.

Illusion Hunting Systems

All Illusion Systems products are proudly made in the U.S.A. We pride ourselves in offering our customers a premium line of hunting calls that utilize the most advanced technology on the market today. Our marquee products, such as the Extinguisher™ Deer Call, Black Rack™ Rattling System, and Quick Change™ Box Call, give hunters an advantage that no other product on the market provides. Furthermore, each Illusion calling system is put through years of rigorous field testing before we take it to market, ensuring customers that our products will work for them in the field.

Information is also a large part of all Illusion Game Call Systems, which is why we provide customers with the information to make each product work in the field. Understanding how to communicate with ducks, geese, deer, and turkeys is what we do for a living. With all Illusion calling systems, we provide an instructional video that teaches the language of the game we are attempting to communicate with.

Big Tine

Big Tine is a deer supplement infused with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and anti-oxidants that truly make it a premium blend. This not only helps make antlers bigger, but also helps to protect against heart disease, boost immune response, and support reproductive functions. Aside from feed, we have a fast-growing assortment of items that even the most elite hunters would be proud to use. This includes feed blocks, mineral blocks, cover scent, food plot seed, and a soil optimization solution. To get the best results from your deer herd, use Big Tine. 

EZ Kut

EZ KUT was born from the desire to build extremely high quality, lifetime guarantee tools that work and last. EZ KUT’s time tested designs, have survived the harshest environments and toughest individuals. From weekend warriors to the hardcore professionals. The EZ KUTTER is someone who hates junk tools and doesn’t settle for anything less than the best. 

Originally founded in 1988 by lifelong Outdoorsman, Buster Greenway, these tools have been demonstrated and sold across the country to millions of people. Jerry Milos (CEO) and Scott Bast (President) purchased EZ KUT in 2014. Scott and Jerry have taken the company into many new markets and distribution channels.

One thing will remain the same. EZ KUT’s products are 100% Lifetime Guaranteed/ Quality Tools. We will strive for the highest levels of customer service and complete satisfaction. Try them out and you will feel the difference. EZ KUT- Gear You Can Count On!!